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Back in Black — AC/DC

Joe Biden has been in and out of politics for the last 50 years, and has previously been Vice President, so it is only fitting that this AC/DC thumper kicks off the playlist to welcome him back to the White House.

Grandpa (Tell me ’Bout the Good Old Days)— The Judds

Grandpa Joe is going to become the US’s Grandpa…

Photo courtesy Engin Akyurt

The Boris Johnson government has made it clear that it is unwilling to support the Arts in time of crisis, so what does that mean for the future of the Arts as we know it?

Everything about the Covid-19 situation and the Arts makes for grim viewing. You don’t have to try very hard to find a statistic about the importance of the Arts, or about how much money the government is pumping into saving everything worth saving in the UK, yet when you can…

kjpargeter / Freepik

Something Funny- The Season’s Upon Us - Dropkick Murphys

This boozy expletive-laden crack is a flippant assessment of what we all maybe think or do at some point, but aren’t allowed to say in front of Granny. …

Is UK music education over?

The Arts seems to sit in this weird purgatory between being adored by the public and the nation, and woefully inadequately funded by government and local councils. The Arts Council of England report that the arts attract at least £856 million in tourist spending, and there are obvious examples of…

West Side Story

The 1957 Musical groundbreaker West Side Story is a crucial milestone in the history of music and musical theatre. Brought to fruition by a sea of names including (in no particular order!) Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents, Stephen Sondheim, Jerome Robbins- all giants in the world of music and musical theatre…

Hair embraces sexuality, gender and ethnicity in a way not often seen in the mainstream musical.

Galt MacDermot’s Hair is similar to many musicals of its era, with structure and length akin to its peers. It immediately sets itself apart from more traditional musicals though, with its cool, laidback jazzy opening Aquarius. Slowburning and full of youthful attitude, it stands out as a much deeper piece…

Kendrick Lamar - DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

This was of course ignited this week by coverage of Kendrick Lamar seemingly inviting a white fan onto the stage, only for her to be kicked off for rapping the ’n’ word, having begged to be allowed to stay.

On reflection, it may well be a cleverly orchestrated publicity plan…

What are the similarities between Bach and Daft Punk?

For me, the parallels between the style of Daft Punk, and traditional Baroque works have been very clear, albeit surprising. When you listen to Daft Punk’s work, it immediately draws you in in the same way that Baroque pieces do: with an initial strong melody:

B.1 Bach, English Suite I…

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